Athlete Stretch

Week 1:Feet, Ankles, Legs

Image by Bruno Nascimento

We'll start with the foundation of our bodies - our feet, ankles, and legs.  We'll do a bit of fascial release work through the feet and focus on creating stability through the feet and ankles. When the stabilizing muscles through the feet and ankles are strong, it provides a solid foundation for the rest of our bodies. I've worked with many athletes who experienced knee and or hip pain or injury while running and we could trace it back to instability through the feet and ankles. It's all connected! 

We'll also use a variety of movements to isolate and stretch the different muscle groups in the legs. Take note of any of your favourites and return to them regularly. Your body will thank you!

So, I hope you get curious and get to know all the subtleties of your body so you can move well, feel good, and do all the sports you love for years and years. 

For this class, you’ll need:

  • a chair

  • a strap (a belt, scarf or pair of leggings work too)

  • a broom (we'll be using the broom handle)

  • a blanket

Bonus: Breathing + Guided Relaxation

I wanted to share an audio-guided breathing technique and a guided relaxation. The breathing is done seated (on the floor or in a chair, whatever you prefer) and the guided relaxation can be done laying down. You might even enjoy this one right before bed (or even in your bed as it will set you up nicely for sleep).

This is yours to download and keep, to revisit as many times as you like. 

A few suggestions for this course:


  •  As much as possible, be consistent. I recommend completing this course over 4 weeks, working with one sequence per week. Choose the same day (or days, if you have time to revisit the practice more than once in the week) and time each week to keep it consistent. 


  • Set the space. Clear away any clutter that may distract you. Turn off your phone. Even something as simple as lighting a candle can help train the mind that it’s time to shift gears. 


  • The more the merrier. Invite partners, kiddos, roommates to join in. If you make a household commitment for the week, it helps to stay accountable.