Athlete Stretch

Week 2: Hips + Pelvis

Tightness through the hips is a common complaint of most of the athletes I've worked with.  Tight hips can affect your range of motion and cause discomfort in the low back or knees. Remember it's all connected! Tight hip flexors  (the muscles that run through the front of the pelvis) can make it harder for your glutes to activate, which can lead other muscles to compensate and take on more work than they can handle (like those in the low back), increasing your risk of injury.

Just because muscles are tight, doesn't necessarily mean they are strong. A balance of flexibility and strength creates healthy mobility in the body. In this session, we will work on lengthening and strengthening the muscles through the hips and pelvis.

Again, pay close attention to your body and make sure you're moving in a way that feels good for you. If you have any knee injuries or experience any discomfort in your knees in any of the movements, skip them and send me an email for some alternative options. 

All you'll need today are two blocks, or two little stacks of books for extra support.  If you have sensitive knees, you may enjoy putting a folded blanket underneath them in the lunges. 


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Images: Cooper and O'Hara