Athlete Stretch

week 3: shoulders + chest

Today, in our movement practice, we'll do some work to create mobility through the shoulder joints and open through the chest. These are such common areas of tightness as so many of us spend a good portion of our day at desks, on computers and looking down at our phones.

As well, since our chest houses some pretty important organs, it's natural that we tense our shoulders and collapse our chest whenever our stress response kicks on.  

For today, I encourage you to really focus on slow, deep breaths.

Even right now, try it ~

Breath deep and feel your breath lift your chest (but relax your shoulders), feel your breath expand into your ribs and into the upper back. Feel how your breath already begins to create space through your chest and shoulders.


I hope you enjoy this practice!

Have a beautiful day. 


Today you'll need:

  • a strap (a belt of scarf work too!)

  • a small pillow or rolled up blanket

  • a bolster (or a couple of thicker cushions or folded blankets)

  • something to sit comfortably on for the first few minutes of practice - this could be one of your cushions or you could begin sitting on a chair