athlete stretch

Welcome + thanks for joining!

Hello everyone!

Thanks so much for joining! Whether we've practiced together before, or you're brand new - welcome, welcome! 

This course consists of 4 movement practices, each focussing on a different area of the body. I hope these practices give you more insight into how your body moves so that you can develop really healthy and sustainable movement patterns, which will help with your training, recovery, and injury prevention.  

The focus on movement and breath will also help strengthen your focussed attention. You can think of this all as a moving meditation. 

I've also included a short breathwork video. Breathwork is now being incorporated in many fitness regimes to help improve performance and recovery, and I thought it would be an excellent bonus addition to this program.


I encourage you to work with one video per week. If possible, choose the same day each week to make time for your yoga. If you have the time, and all feels good in your body, you could even repeat the practice once or twice throughout the week. 

I know this is a little different than in-person sessions, but the positives of these virtual sessions are that you really get to tune in and pay attention to your body. If something is feeling really good, you can always pause the video and linger in the stretch for a little longer. However, any time along the way, if you have any questions at all - please email me anytime at

I hope you enjoy!