The shortest day of the year is soon approaching - the day where we experience the most amount of darkness, the least amount of light.  Winter solstice marks the transition point between seasons. Solstice means “sun stands still” and is an invitation to pause and invite the darkness to support some rest and reflection. It’s a time to honour and let go of the year that’s passed, to nourish and incubate intentions for the brighter days ahead. During the lockdowns, we witnessed how quickly nature restores balance when given space to do so. Our own bodies too are a microcosm of this natural system, and we too, need space to rest and restore. 


I would love for you to join this 90 min zoom class that will include gentle and restorative movement, breathing, and meditation.


The details:

Sunday, Dec 20 (the day before solstice)

Live on Zoom

5pm UK Time

9am PST Time (British Columbia)

10am MST (Alberta)


Everyone is welcome!

Pay what you can.

Solstice Class Registration
Suggested £8-15
(that's approx. $13-25 CAD)

You should receive a confirmation email with class details upon registering.

Make sure to check your junk files if you don't see it.

If you haven't received it, please contact me.