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Front body

Updated: Oct 1, 2017

For me, September, rather than January, feels like the start of a new year. The cool air, shorter days and students returning back to school cues a deep memory in the body that the frivolity of the summer is nearing an end and it’s time to delve into a schedule and routine; to create or start something new.

The month’s focus is the Front Body, which draws our awareness to two anatomical lines: the first set running from the tops of the foot, up the front of each leg, connecting to the hip bones through the pelvis to the collarbone and along the inside of each arm to the pad of each finger. The second line of awareness runs from the pubic bone, to the centre of the chest, to the chin and all the way up to the crown of the head. The physical mapping of these lines aid us in focussing our attention towards developing a balanced, clear sensation through the front of the body.

Energetically, the front of the body is what we face the world with. This month is about opening and expanding; about feeling the full expressiveness of the body and the breath. As we practice with consistency and attention, the level of sensitivity naturally begins to heighten and the body becomes a rich source of feedback.

Do we open to life or do we close? The body tells the story.

Do your shoulders round when you feel uncomfortable, nervous or afraid, as if physically protecting the heart? Do you feel tightening through the legs, hips and shoulders when anxiety creeps in - the primal instinct that stress equals danger and the body must prepare itself to fight or flee.

The unravelling of these holding patterns take time, hence the value of committing to one sequence for an entire month. Week by week, we have the opportunity to delve deeper into the subtleties of the physical, emotional and energetic experience.

There’s space for all of it.


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