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Updated: Oct 9, 2017

I am a Canadian yoga teacher currently living in Edinburgh.

With an unyielding fascination for exploring the world around me,  I feel like I'm constantly dancing between basking in the beauty of wherever I am while simultaneously seeking the next adventure.

I have always been drawn to travel, to explore, to let my heart wander and roam. That dream took me to from villages in Kenya to jungles of Indonesia and several places in between. I studied International Relations and aligned with organizations and people that worked to empower individuals within their communities.

I was a strong believer that change could not be imposed, it had to come from within.

However, it wasn’t until I landed on my yoga mat, in the middle of Edmonton, under the guidance of my teacher Rameen, that I realized what that truly meant.

We must do the work.

In the sweetest ways possible, I have been working, practicing, shedding the layers and connecting deeper and deeper to who I am and why I’m here. Through the process, discovering that authentic self-inquiry yields transformation. I truly believe that if we can cultivate this balance, happiness and freedom within ourselves first, it will inevitably trickle into our lives, our families and our communities.

My teaching method - deeply rooted in the Sattva Yoga practice - is simple, clear and directed specifically towards self-inquiry and self-exploration. The intention for this blog is to continue that inquiry and exploration and the information posted will be inspired primarily by the questions I receive in class and online.

Thanks for reading and sharing a little bit of your journey with me!




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