7 Days of Movement + Meditation to Ignite + Inspire the Year Ahead

January 1 - 7, 2021

Start the new year a new way.


Yoga invites us to attune to the subtleties of our experience, the threads that make up the rich fabric of who we are are + how we show up in the world. Cultivating a depth of relationship with our own inner state helps us cut through the flood of messages suggesting that we need to change or improve with the start of the year. 



Through consistent practice, we re-pattern conditioned behaviors and reactions and attune to the innate intelligence of the body, enabling us to support, nourish, and care for ourselves all year long.


This series will consist of 7 days of consecutive practices to help set the tone for the new year. They will include a mix of movement, breathing, and meditation that will be accessible to all levels. 


We will begin and end the week with a live zoom meditation together. This will be recorded and sent out if you're unable to make it. For the five days in between the zoom calls, you will receive a daily email that will include both a yoga practice and an audio-guided relaxation or meditation practice. The daily yoga will focus on a different area of the body, systematically unwinding and unlocking the body. The guided relaxation/meditation is intended to use at the end of your day to calm and clear the mind.  


All classes will be forty minutes or less, so they can be easily integrated into your day. 

The recordings will be yours to keep, to reuse as many times as you like. 


January 1st: Live on zoom 5pm UK time (9am PST)

January 2nd - 6th: You will be emailed a new set of practices for each day

January 7th: Live on zoom 5pm UK time (9am PST)

*recordings of the zoom calls will be emailed out after if you can't make it live

Sliding Scale £30-60

(that's approx. $50 - 100 CAD)


Pay what you can!

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Suggested: £30-60

(that's approx. $50 - 100 CAD)

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