7 Days of Movement + Meditation

This series consists of 7 days of consecutive practices to help reset and reinvigorate body + mind. They will include a mix of movement, breathing, and meditation that will be accessible to all levels. 

 The daily yoga will focus on a different area of the body, systematically unwinding and unlocking the body. The guided relaxation/meditation is intended to calm and clear the mind.  

All classes are forty minutes or less, so they can be easily integrated into your day. You will be able to access the recordings for one year, to reuse as many times as you like. 

Sliding Scale £30-60
This was offered live in January 2021
But is available for purchase - for you to 
work through at your own pace.
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What people are saying about this series:

 "I really enjoyed this recalibrate series with Hailey. The combination of prerecorded content as well as the opportunities to connect live worked so well for incorporating into my week. I love that I could visit and revisit the classes with ease whenever suited me. The movement videos were accessible and worked when followed in order day by day or on their own. Likewise the audio tracks for meditation were a good length for being accessible and I found them so calming. As with her in-person classes, Hailey's ability to make you feel supported and cared for while encouraging growth and learning translates just as much into her online offerings."

~ Siobhan, Ediinburgh UK


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