We are in an exciting time where scientific research is beginning to validate the benefits of these ancient practices. Yoga and meditation reduce the effects of stress on the body, resulting in healthier, happier employees. And, it is no longer on the fringe. Many successful business around the world are implementing yoga and meditation in their corporate structure. 

Two options:

1) Regular weekly yoga and/or classes*

In the comfort of your office, over the lunch hour. Enjoy a gentle yoga practice designed to calm busy minds, promote relaxation and alleviate tension experienced in the body from long days at a desk.

All you need is a quiet space. Boardrooms and even hallways can work! Rates vary depending on number of participants.

2) Meditation Workshop*

Work-related stress and job burnout are among the leading causes of poor physical and mental health, with many workers suffering from anxiety, depression, and 

​job dissatisfaction. Introducing a mindfulness practices have been proven to greatly reduce the affects of stress, leading to healthier, happier employees.



​In this workshop we will discuss the effects of stress on the body and how mindfulness can help. We will begin with some gentle movement​ and breath work to bring comfort and relaxation into the body and steady the mind before moving into a guided mindfulness meditation practice. Participants will leave with practical tools and techniques they can implement into their workdays and lives. 

Contact me for rates and availability. 

*Online options also available.